State law requires regular and punctual attendance for all children of school age. Since student attendance is so closely tied to student success, students are expected to be in school all day every day. Cases of frequent absences or tardies will be investigated and referred to Student Services for possible legal action. If for some reason your child is detained from arriving at school, the parent should notify the school office and SEND THE CHILD TO SCHOOL as soon as possible. Parents should understand that the child's academic progress could be adversely affected by unnecessary absences and tardies from school. According to SCH board policy, prolonged and/or frequent absence is detrimental to a child's progress in learning. A student who misses thirty (30) or more days during a school year may be considered a candidate for retention. After ten (10) days are missed, the parent will be asked to attend a conference with the teacher and/or principal to discuss the child's progress in view of these absences.

Reporting Absences

24-Hour Attendance Voicemail 989-7336, press #1 for attendance  
Parents of elementary children are required to notify the school of a child's absence before 10:30 a.m. on the first day of absence and provide a signed written note explaining the reason for tardiness or absence. If notification is not received, the school must determine the cause of absence, which may necessitate referral to the School City Pupil Personnel Services and/or retention for a year.
ANY CHILD WHO IS ABSENT WITHOUT A CALL OR NOTE IS MARKED TRUANT FROM SCHOOL. If your child is seen by a doctor during the absence, please send to school a doctor's note regarding the absence when your child returns. We are allowed to code this as a medical absence and it helps us with our attendance rate with the state.